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Pipes welding

Pipes welding Socket or but weld for all types of material (Stainless Steel. Carbon Steel. and Alloy), Beams welding with different types I-Beams or T- Beams or L-Beams and also Fillet weld for different types of sheet metals. All the above welding types we apply it for all different thicknesses. Labor Supply supplying QC Engineers, […]
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Hot Tapping and Cold Tapping

Hot Tapping and Cold Tapping for all types of pipes during operation with material Stainless steel or Carbon steel with thickness up to 18 mm under pressure up to 1440 psi. and temperature up to 280 C. we also have the technical specialized team that is capable of doing these types of jobs with high […]
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Pipes Cold Cutting and Beveling

Pipes Cold Cutting and Beveling machines for all types of pipes (Carbon steel. Stainless steel. Alloy steel. low temp.) for Sizes 2″ until 36″ with different thicknesses till 54mm and more with Low Clearance split frame manufactured by E.H. Wachs Company-which is an American company in which AMCO has been their exclusive agent in Egypt […]
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